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Harold Parks

The paranoid ramblings in the guest opinion by George Drake two weeks ago serve as a definitive example of prejudice and ignorance. He has his extreme left wing mind made up and it is apparent that nothing that transpires in the next four years will change his closed little mind. As an independent moderate I find his ideology as abhorrent as I do that of the extreme right wing. He apparently thinks that to “bring the nation together” means only appointing left wing cabinet nominees that he approves of. Maybe like the crooks that Clinton appointed? He does at least admit that the Republican strategists have a “masterful understanding of how things truly work”. What should they be? Idiots? The remainder of the sarcastic fantasies ( an attempt at humor? ) in his rhetoric show how much he has pre-judged our new administration. His thoughts on what the future will bring to our government structure come from “a very different world indeed”. I will wait to see what actually happens during the next four years before I form any opinions. That way I won’t be wrong. I also found the usage of his opinion of stereotypical national characteristics to illustrate some vague point stupid and offensive. We don’t all fit into his little boxes.

Again this week you print another fantasy by him. Why? What are your editors doing? At least the other guest opinions you print seem to have some basis in reality.

I wonder if he will ever get the point that the world doesn’t work his way because nobody else wants it to.

He should also take a course in basic English composition, unascribed quotations and five commas in one sentence are a bit much.

Harold Parks

Christmas Valley

(Formerly Upper Lake Valley)

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