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Letter — A fair and balanced book to read


Mr. Woods a football enthusiast watched the president’s address to the nation and found it convincing! No doubt the president convinced some folks that he will seek an additional $87 billion this coming year to fight terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan and “engage the enemy where he lives.” Then “we are fighting that enemy in Iraq and Afghanistan today so that we do not meet him again on our own streets, in our own cities,” then he appealed for troops and money from other countries including those who opposed this war. To synopsize; he asked for $87 billion to spend this year, pledged to continue fighting and do whatever is necessary and asked the U.N. for more help. Convincing, right?EEEE

Procreation and propagation of the faith will continue to produce future citizens that will create a society that will recognize the rights of all its citizens.EEE

I hope Mr. Woods will subscribe to the Mountain Democrat in Placerville. It prints the type of news that is Fair and Balanced. Exactly the type of news he will enjoy. Concerning Bill O’Reilly, I commend to your attention the best selling book “Lies and the Lying Who Tell Them — A Fair and Balanced look at the Right.” Featured on the cover are pictures of Ann Coulter, the president, the vice president and Bill O’Reilly.EEEE

Alex Campbell


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