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Letter: A good, old-fashioned witch hunt

Wow! What a bunch of fun! A good old-fashioned witch hunt is happening right here in South Lake Tahoe. Lots of people are pointing fingers and telling other people a whole bunch of hearsay.

Hearsay is a wonderful thing when you go hunting witches; lots of people will believe anything you tell them, especially if it makes it into print. Lies can be even better for getting people all excited and ready to light torches and go after the accused (darn the drought, no open flames allowed). The accused is unable to say anything to defend herself because the accusations are such untruths it just riles up the mob that much more if she says anything. But, who cares about the accused; the mob will be able to go on without her. She probably knows or is aware of something that can affect the lives of the leaders of the mob anyway, so just do away with her. Everybody in the mob will be happy, especially the ringleaders.

People of South Lake Tahoe, you have a witch hunt going on in your beautiful city right now. A member of your city council is trying to get things done for the good of the people of the city, and some other people don’t like the honest and straightforward way she does business. She speaks the truth, but the mob leaders don’t like that.

So, folks, will the truth be told, or will we torch a witch and everybody go back to “business as usual?” Hopefully, the truth shall be heard and certain mob leaders be held accountable.

May truth and honesty prevail.

Jim Biller

Stateline, Nevada

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