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Letter — Achieve peace through strength

I must take issue with Steve Goldman’s views. (Oct. 25 My View column.) One would presumably concur with Goldman that peace is good and war is bad.

Goldman hearkens back to the spectacle on the now famous “Highway of Death.”

The reason the conflict ended short of the desired end result (the removal of Saddam Hussein) was the reaction by the press to these scenes which bore witness to the power of the allied air superiority. I do recall innumerable Clintonites later excoriating President George H. Bush for not “finishing the job” in Iraq.

Goldman queries, “Was this necessary? What purpose did it serve? I felt partially responsible because this act was perpetrated by my government.” This event occurred on the third night of a four day ground war. Just hours before, Saddam Hussein had launched a scud missile into Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, which hit an American barracks, killing 28 soldiers and wounding dozens more.

The fleeing Iraqis had just finished a brutal occupation of Kuwait; torturing, raping and murdering thousands of civilians and then looting and plundering the country. As a parting shot, Saddam ordered the Kuwaiti oils fields torched, creating an inferno and environmental nightmare comparable only to an exploding volcano. Goldman, we were not “the perpetrators.” Those attempting to flee the scene were “the perpetrators.”

Goldman, it was necessary, and the purpose it served was swift and irrefutable punishment for untold war crimes against the Kuwaiti people. In the interest of peace, should these heinous murderers have been allowed to saunter back to Iraq with their weapons and looted possessions, and go unpunished? You should be proud, not ashamed, of your country; one which is willing to sacrifice her own sons and daughters to save others from tyranny.

Now, 11 years later, the chief “perpetrator” of evil sits, unrepentant, ensconced in one of his many palaces in Iraq. He has violated every condition for his surrender in 1991. He continues unabated in his effort to gain and produce weapons of mass destruction. Goldman, don’t you think your protests would be better aimed at Iraq, instead of us? Peace through strength should be our goal, not appeasement of ruthless dictators. Remember, Neville Chamberlain was wrong, too!

Evan Williams,

South Lake Tahoe

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