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Letter — Administration misinformation

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“W” made his case for a plausible enemy and beat the drums for a war with great help from the “liberal media.” This purported enemy will be dropping bombs on us tomorrow (!) when reports from all sides and the C.I.A. itself say this is not conceivable. What happened to our war against the perpetrators of 9/11? Bush hasn’t mentioned Osama bin Forgotten since July.

What better way to get the American people off track? Disinformation and misinformation is the credo of this corporate-driven administration. Currently erased from the news is the corporate crime wave of Enron, World Com, etc.; stock market manipulation and malfeasance; Bush and Cheney under indictment with their machinations regarding Harken and Halliburton, respectively, where they have walked away with millions and millions of dollars; and a disingenuous speech to the nation filled with dishonest rhetoric and false promises. Just ask the governors where their money is for “Homeland Security.” Less than a minute spent on education. Privatization of Medicare by “allowing the elderly to purchase their prescription drugs from the rapacious HMO’s.

This is a failing economy that will not be turned around in the near future despite the anxious and false optimism of corporate and financial pronouncements. These are things this band of terrorists do not want the public to dwell on. Better to go to war and kill innocents than give up their position of power and a continued assault on the Constitution.

They cloak themselves in religious references, a true blasphemy for anyone of any discernment. “Force attracts men of low morality.” (Albert Einstein). This demagogue will go down as the worst president in our history as he brings us into a war of his own making.

People are reluctant to articulate or entertain the possibility of any escalation of hostilities. We are not told about the obvious repercussions in our own country and the rest of the world. How is a pre-emptive strike on Iraqi people not a terrorist attack by our own country? After 9/11, Secretary Powell said “to kill for political goals is wrong.” I say stand up against this war and speak out, because “silence is consent in a democracy.”

Ed Larkin

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