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Letter — Ads should be labeled as such

Tahoe Daily Tribune

When I talked with Managing Editor Kathryn Reed she pointed out that the supplement in the May 20 Tahoe Daily Tribune was simply an advertisement, like a Raley’s ad. However, a supermarket ad is easily recognized and can hardly be mistaken for anything else, while the supplement in question, with so much editorial content, can, and in fact was, mistaken for a “real” piece of reporting. I believe that the Tahoe Daily Tribune should clearly label such material as a special advertising section. In the interests of honesty and clarity, you should disclose to your readers that Audubon International is an organization developed and sponsored by the United States Golf Association “and is not affiliated with the National Audubon Society or any other Audubon organization.” This is quoted from the FAQ section of Audubon International’s Web site.

Marilyn Durkin

Christmas Valley