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Letter: Affordable housing needed

Does anyone care that over 100 families are losing their homes here very soon to make way for million-dollar condos? (Beach Club project, Stateline).

Obviously the developers and TRPA don’t; they’re too blinded by all the dollar signs dancing in front of their eyes. Where is everyone supposed to go in an area with low wages, a small rental market, inflated rents, few landlords willing to take pets, and where home ownership is just a dream for most?

These are hard-working people, many with children, retirees who hoped to spend their golden years in these homes, people that love this area, that spend their money here, that pay taxes here, that struggle to stay here.

This used to be a locals’ friendly, family oriented, affordable area before TRPA came in. Now it’s all about bringing in people with money, people that don’t even live here full time.

Progress can be a good thing, but there needs to be balance. This is a service-industry area; the people that provide these services need to be able to find affordable housing — available housing.

It’s time for the “powers that be” to do their jobs and come up with solutions to help the seemingly forgotten people, the people that make this area what it is. They can’t continue to be overlooked. Without them this area will cease to exist.

Denese Carfi

Stateline, Nev.

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