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Letter: All hail King George W.?

Regarding the so-called “election” in Florida:

What has gone wrong in the sunshine state of Florida? Al Gore won the popular vote in America by more than 347,000 votes, yet in Florida, bureaucrats are trying to award the election to George Bush as if it is some sort of championship ring in a football game. Al Gore has done nothing illegal in Florida. Under Florida law, it is the right of a candidate to ask for recounts in any county or counties of his or her choice. I will point out that George Bush has the same right. But, let’s look at the illegal activity going on in the Jeb Bush state of Florida.

Denying the right to a hand recount is illegal, according to the Florida Supreme Court. Some bureaucrat named Katherine Harris tried to stop the will of the people and replace it with some half-baked coronation of George Bush, but the Florida Supreme Court said no, this is not a football game, it is an election of a president and manual recounts are legal.

Then, George Bush went to the feds and asked that the hand counts be stopped in Dade, West Palm Beach and Broward counties of Florida. He said he didn’t trust the local elected officials to do the count correctly. He says that this own brother, Jeb, didn’t lay down any laws as to how to perform a manual recount and that the feds should stop these counties. George Bush says to “trust machines, not people.” So, George Bush thinks that machines can count better than people? I suggest he take notes on how they count cash deposits at local banks; no machine is used, they do it the best way, by hand. So, what happened to so-called “local control” and “trusting the American people” that was touted by George Bush before the so-called election? I guess he is leaving out Florida.

Using confusing ballots, as in Palm Beach County, Fla., is illegal under Florida law. Some Republican bureaucrats are saying it doesn’t matter left from right or right from left on a ballot. If this is the case, why have laws regarding ballots at all in Florida or any other state? Ballots are supposed to be easy to read and the directions are supposed to be straight forward … Well, except in Florida.

Making threats to county officials, as happened in Dade County, Fla., is illegal. I mean, what kind of state is brother Jeb Bush running down there when thugs enter a county building and threaten people who are elected officials trying to do their job? This type of thing has happened in the past. It happened in Germany during the 1920s and 1930s and now it is happening in Florida.

Manipulating and doctoring Republican absentee ballots by Republican officials using a Republican computer system in Seminole County, Fla. is called vote tampering. The bureaucrats try to say they were not doing anything wrong, they were just “fixing” minor problems with the absentee ballots. Well, a fix is a fix; except in Jeb Bush country, Florida.

I point out again that all of this activity is being done under the watchful eyes of Jeb Bush, Katherine Harris and the Republicans in the Florida Legislature. I would suggest that if the bureaucrats Jeb Bush and Katherine Harris do not like the hand recounts in Florida, they should arrest the county supervisors and burn the ballots. If Jeb Bush and Katherine Harris do not like the justices of the Florida Supreme Court, they should just arrest them and lock them up in jail. If George Bush doesn’t trust the people, he should just tell Colin Powell to take over the military and arrest any Democrats who oppose his rule!

The so-called “election” in Florida was nothing of the kind; it is a fix. Like a football game that has been “fixed” for the desired team, so is the so-called election in Florida. (Imagine a Super Bowl decided by half a point by some member of the audience.) The so-called election in Florida is a fraud perpetrated by Katherine Harris and Jeb Bush. George Bush didn’t win an election by 537 votes, he was made King George by Katherine Harris. It turns out that when the Constitution was created more than 200 years ago and only white land-owning men could vote, well surprise! In Florida this is still how they do it. And heaven help anyone who disagrees.

Folks, tonight, when your kids ask you how people vote in America, you can tell them we do it the old-fashioned way, with thugs and bureaucrats, just like in South America. And if they ask what the country will be like with George Bush as king, tell them it will be just like Florida.

Larry Pedigo

South Lake Tahoe

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