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Letter — American Dream dead in Tahoe

I have written this so many times over the years, you would think that I would give up. But I still have people I love in your city, so I’ll try again. Business down … shelter closing. Am I the only one in the world that can see the corrilation here?

If business is down, especially in a town that refuses to pay a decent living wage, there will never be “support” (That translates to MONEY, folks.) for the important things in our lives. Like how to find a home for the pets that tourists deliberately dump off in the Stateline area. Don’t have the guts to do it in their home town, so they do it there.

As long as your economy is based on the casinos (who think that everyone gets tips) and there is little to no attempt to attract new business to the area, and as long as the Indian casino business grows, your ecomony will continue to drop.

In the six months we have lived here, in the east Bay bedroom community of Benicia, we have seen only one “Tahoe” ad, and that was for Truckee, and another for Reno … and we are watching for them!

For over two years I tried and failed to find a decent job there, and my husband for over six months. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, South Lake Tahoe for not hiring us! We have jobs that pay three times what yours do, insurance, all benefits.

Please remember you can not eat pine cones, no matter how they are prepared. Several dear friends left before us, several more to follow, and we will do our best to help any that need it.

Get out while you can. On my last doctor visit, we got into a discussion about how happy he was for us that we were not being trapped there … so many of his patients are, and he was so happy for us that we were getting out! No bitterness here … however we are sorry for the community whose leaders can not or will not see the handwriting that has been on the wall for many years. You are not marketing to your 80 percent market, and you are not recruiting new business. Wake up before you are competing for business with Bodie!

Jean Persson Turner

Benicia, Calif.

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