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Letter — Angel on the Mountain


Floating Away on Emerald Bay

The world is in my arms when I am holding you

My spirit sings with its sweetest joy

Each day since my heart learned your tune.

On top of the world, just blocks from heaven

Snow-kissed lips brought forth my love

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In a new Eden of awe-inspiring beauty

Her beauty stood out, stood alone, stands above.

I found an Angel on the mountain

Intoxicated by the flow of its natural fountain

I drinked, I dranked, and I drunk some mo’

I cast every other care to the wind

It was my life’s true love I had found

In these mountains cradling Lake Tahoe

Some people say I kissed away all reason

As I watched diving mysteries unfold each season

A mystic wonderland of God’s finest design

But doesn’t everyone need something to believe in?

Near Sierra pines, our lifetime unwind

And a love so natural in our hearts unfold

Destiny? Fate? Call it anything you want

In the arms of Mother Nature I never grow cold.

I found an Angel on the Mountain.

Michael Martin

South Lake Tahoe