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Letter — Another one for the grand jury?

Tahoe Daily Tribune

Can it be that El Dorado County has yet again decided to waste an incredible amount of money by firing Mr. (James) Bourey, the county CAO, after only four months on the job? After all the hand-wringing over the lack of money to fund all the needs of El Dorado County, the supervisors voted to take a match to over t$200,000. By having to give Bourey a year’s severance pay (a sweetheart deal if I ever saw one), plus benefits, and the high and getting higher cost to find and select a new CAO, maybe a quarter million dollars would be closer to the true cost. I sure know a few roads in the basin that could use the money more than the rat hole it disappeared down.

To add insult to injury the BOS has declined to explain their actions, either to the fired CAO or more important to the taxpayers of El Dorado County.

Do I smell another scandal developing similar to the Logan Building fiasco? That messy situation can be reviewed in the El Dorado County Grand Jury Report 2000-01, beginning on Page 63.

It also makes you wonder how the hiring process, with all the expense, time, and effort involved could be such a massive failure.

Ken Weitzman

South Lake Tahoe