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Letter- Another willing Gifting diner

To the editor:

I was “invited” to join a women’s circle and have attended a few meetings. Nobody “coerced” or “pressured” me. It was not their intention to solicit me, rather a way to help me. There are actually a lot of women who are benefiting from this activity. I see it as women helping women – one woman at a time, as it has been done in other cultures (like Habitat for Humanity).

Sure, there are risks inherent in the process, just like the stock market, or our country’s own Social Security system, where people retiring are benefiting from those currently working, who risk never seeing anything in their retirement.

The circle is not for everyone. All one has to do is “just say no” if it isn’t for them, like we teach our children. If the friends and families of women currently participating in a circle are truly concerned, it would be more beneficial for them to support and respect each woman for her personal decision.

Barbara Gerland

South Lake Tahoe

Editor’s note: The California Attorney General’s Office and the El Dorado County District Attorney call the gifting circles illegal, citing the state penal code relating to endless chain schemes. It states: Any scheme for the disposal or distribution of property whereby a participant pays a valuable consideration for the chance to receive compensation for introducing one or more additional persons into participation in the scheme or for the chance to receive compensation when a person introduced by the participant introduces a new participant.”

Further, El Dorado County District Attorney Gary Lacy suggested Wednesday increased interest in prosecuting those in the gifting circles who have fraudulently misleading the public for personal gain. He cites a penal code relating to grand theft as another charge participants may face.

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