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Letter — Are we mice or men?

Are lemmings similar to mice? Science has discovered 99 percent of a mouse’s genes are reproduced in the human gnome. If lemmings are similar to mice perhaps we humans are similar to lemmings. This would explain the inexplicable compulsion of a large section of the U.S. electorate to march in lock step with an administration whose every policy is against the self-interest of that same electorate’s majority. Consider the following apparent policies:

1 — Enrich the elite by eliminating the middle class and transferring wealth from the bottom and middle to the top.

2 — Under the guise of attacking abortion, eliminate any support for family planning. Population growth is a major problem facing the human race today. Do you really believe growth can continue unabated forever? Would you like to live in a world that looks like Calcutta? Also note that the global gag rule, cutting of funds for family planning to the U.N. and the sly attacks on condoms and contraceptives will undoubtedly result in more misery and death throughout the world than al-Qaida could ever inflict.

3 — Eliminate, modify or curb any environmental policy forged through decades of research and legislation that may interfere with Policy 1.

4 — Manufacture a phony crisis, Iraq, and try to tie it to the 9/11 terrorist attack. Use this fake crisis to keep the electorate’s eye’s away from the other policies. Another possible reason: support of Policy 1 — oil for the corporate pals of the oilmen running the administration.

Thinking about the supposed popularity of G.W. Bush and considering how his administration’s actions will affect all of us for generations brings to mind the following statement about democracy made by Will and Ariel Durant 37 years ago in their book “The Lessons Of History,” namely “Democracy is the most difficult of all forms of government, since it requires the widest spread of intelligence, and we forgot to make ourselves intelligent when we made ourselves sovereign.”

They hit it right on the head. Perhaps we are more mice than men.

Phil Flanner

South Lake Tahoe

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