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Letter — Article should not have run

Tahoe Daily Tribune

This letter is in reference to an article in the Tahoe Tribune on March 19. The article on Page A3 carries the attention grabbing headline, “Book details killing of South Lake Tahoe girl.” Advertising the book about her killers in your paper, our local paper, on the third anniversary of her death is in extremely poor taste.

The article has no redeeming qualities. You could have mentioned that people should remember Krystal and teach their kids to be more cautious about who they trust.

You could have mentioned that Krystal met Soria Jr. at the “Boys and Girls Club” and organizations like this should be more careful who they hire. You could have said something nice about Krystal or her family. Instead, all you did was promote the book which, I have heard is very graphic and meant to appeal to a sick mentality.

Sandra Goodwin

South Lake Tahoe