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Letter — Baby doesn’t have options


Like many local residents, I recently opened my paper to see headlines saying that a newborn baby has been abandoned in a local casino restroom. Now the public is awaiting the autopsy results to determine with what legal offense to charge the mother. Is she guilty of failing to report a birth or is she guilty of homicide? In other words, was the baby born dead or alive?

Since we don’t know all the details, I am going to assume the worst-case scenario–the young lady went into the restroom and delivery happened, either naturally or induced. A baby was born who would be considered ‘viable’ had the proper care been available.

I am not seeking to discuss the rightness or wrongness of the lady’s actions. I want to consider the logic (or illogic) of society and its reactions. If his lady was carrying an unwanted child, she had an option of going to the medical profession and obtaining an abortion, possibly what is known as a partial-birth abortion since she was probably in the last three months of her pregnancy. Anyone who is familiar with the partial-birth abortion process know that a living baby is killed during the birth process.

Our society has through the influence of certain political groups chosen to legalize partial-birth abortions. I would assume that there is a fee involved, possibly even a substantial fee. If my worst-case scenario holds, the lady apparently let a newborn infant die rather than allowing it to receive the nourishment it needed to survive and grow.

While I am in no way condoning the decision of the lady, I am seeking to say that we as a society need to learn to think through the logic of some of our legal decisions. This lady simply circumvented the medical profession, but the end result of her actions was no different from that profession which would have disposed of an unliving viable fetus in some trash receptacle. The major difference in the actions of the lady and those of the medical profession (and courts) was a matter of timing. The medical profession performs their murder during the birth process while the lady waited a few more minutes and then committed murder by ignoring the child’s needs.

John E. Taylor

South Lake Tahoe

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