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Letter: Baseline forestry numbers missing

To the editor:

For you people looking through The Sierra Framework for baseline numbers, give up! There are none. Apparently they were left out, as they would have dramatized the extreme nature of the SNFC.

Currently our Sierra forests grow about 2.2 billion board feet of timber per year. Logging peaked in 198- at about 960 mbf following urban enviro inspired forest regulations implemented in 1978. Logging has declined since 1980 to current levels last year of 414 mbf, reflecting a 53 percent reduction since 1980. Modified option eight of the SNFC allows a maximum of 191 mbf of timber to be cut. This represents a whopping 80 percent reduction in harvest allowed since 1980.

You’re still probably wondering what all the fuss is about. You probably don’t log or know anyone who does anymore. The fuss is about fire – big, intense, catastrophic wildfires destroying watersheds, habitat, old growth, wildlife, private forests, homes and communities. Remember Los Alamos? In much of the Sierras current fuel wood build-up exceeds safe loading by a factor of 10!

If the forest grows 2.2 bbf per year, and less than 20 percent is treated to reduce densities, it means almost 2 billion board feet per year are left to accumulate and add to the threat every year. Only until the inevitable happens, of course.

So there you have it. This is how we are going to destroy our forests, its critters,and habitat, along with homes and communities throughout the Sierras.

Of course, this will all be done using politically correct junk science supplied by the morally superior leaders of the urban environmental clubs.

I think John Muir would be rolling in his grave if he knew of the devastation and destruction to the environment about to be unleashed in his name.

Gerry Morero

Crystal Bay, Nev.

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