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Letter — Bathing in Perrier at Stateline


On Jan. 29 the Kingsbury General Improvement District had a meeting to share with the residents in the district what their plans are for raising the water rates during what they call “Phase One.” Since only a handful of people where there I thought it important to share what I learned. Are you ready for this? The water rates are going up to $59 a month although they weren’t specific as to exactly when this was going to happen. Considering that just few months ago the water rate was already at $42.75 this amounts to a whopping 38 percent increase in water rates. One can only imagine what the increases will be for each of the subsequent “phases.”

When the average annual rate of inflation over the past four years is 2.5 percent, how is it that they can justify such a soaring rate increase? Well, the water system has been allowed to get to such a serious state of disrepair that it now needs to be replaced. Why is this just now getting attention when the current management has been in place 18 years and the average tenure of the Board of Trustees is more than nine years?

If anyone reading this shares my outrage with these increases and wants to learn more, contact me at: kgid@tfoa.org

Bathing in Perrier at Stateline,

Joel Beck

Round Hill