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Letter — Bear photo heartbreaking

Its 5 a.m., I am sitting up in bed, I can’t sleep. I’m thinking about bears. The front page article in the Tribune pictures a mama bear trying to reach out to her babies. Her cubs had been trapped, were frightened and squealing to be released from the trap. A mother bear’s love for her cubs is strong and her instinct demands she feed and protect them. So why act so quickly and cruelly to end this mother bear’s life?

For their crime (of foraging for food) all three animals were shot to death. Their time for hibernating was close at hand. Can’t they be forgiven for following what is their natural instinct for survival? Spring Creek tract is in the middle of Forest Service land and the surrounding woods is bear habitat. It would seem steps other than a death sentence could be taken to prevent a recurrence.

Seeing that mama bear crying for her young ones broke my heart. The experts tell us where bears are present, and owners are often absent, don’t leave food that tempts them. I can’t help but believe that none of us, including the cabin owners, are happy with the action taken to kill the bears. So, for our wild friends, let’s take the necessary steps to help prevent a recurrence of this tragedy.

Another article stated development in Lake Tahoe should be done with an equilibrium between man and nature. This story was a reference to TRPA’s proposed scenic ordinance. The environmental agency cruises our beautiful lake worrying over the colors of shoreline homes. Maybe the money being spent spying from their fancy boats could be directed toward transporting an innocent bear or mountain lion to the safety of a more remote location. Shouldn’t all our environmental entities be connected when it comes to treasuring our precious wildlife?

Can’t someone come up with a better solution to this problem than spontaneous extermination?

Donna Corsodoro

South Lake Tahoe

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