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Letter — Bears can heal baasin

The bears empower through their spirit and grace us with nature’s light! How could anybody authorize the killing of these great allies? Something has to change!

What if the contract trappers were required to go through a training program Steve Searles, Ann Bryant, and the Washoe Tribe designed? For that matter, include the DF&G and the Forest Service too! There must be a way to negotiate this into action. What is LIFE worth? Who’s is more important, and who’s got the authority to say so? All God’s creations are sacred! Shouldn’t anyone making a life and death decision need to be held to a standard that reflects the concerns of all parties involved? Is there a list of acceptable circumstances that would justify the authorization to kill bears? Can’t we

request full exposure of this list if it exists? And, if it doesn’t exist, why not? If the list does exist, is it current, and can it be reviewed by all parties? The ecosystem at Taylor Creek is partially responsible for the future well being of Lake Tahoe. It must be obvious that the bears play an essential roll in the critical balance of Taylor Creek and are more important than the human visitors. The fact that the bears are coming back means that the area is recovering from a partially misguided past. The Basin is trying to heal itself and the bears are critical to this process. As you know: it’s

the people we need to worry about, not the bears!

Andrew Picard

Member of the BEAR League


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