Letter: Being spared from Caldor was a miracle (Opinion)

We believe God helped save our homes, and that it was a miracle

Dear Editor:

The following is a response to the Tahoe Daily Tribune headline, “It’s not a miracle,” dated Sept. 17.

There are those of us who reside in South Lake Tahoe who would disagree with this headline. Many of us in the faith community in our beloved town find that the headline, as a direct quote from the respected Lake Valley Fire Chief Brad Zlendick, does not speak for the entire community.

Our response to the headline is one of offense.

We suffered, along with others, as we watched the fire move closer to the city. Some of us scrambled at the last minute to gather important papers, load the kids in the car and “get out!” We too, wondered if our homes would be standing when we returned.

But, unlike some folks, we placed our future in the hands of Almighty God. We took our strength from Him. We prayed for the safety of those courageous firefighters who risked their lives and walked into imminent danger for the sake of our community. We prayed for the safety of the EMTs and law enforcement officers. We thanked God that these dedicated professionals were ready to provide direction and stability. We thanked God that He provided this army of firefighters who willingly sacrificed time away from their own families.

So we would submit to you that it was God’s hand of strength that shielded and protected. It was God that turned the winds in the opposite direction. Those firefighters, first responders and officers were not alone in the battle. God went before them to give them wisdom to act quickly and decisively. They are Heroes with a capital “H.” But for those of us in the faith community, who place our trust in God, our primary debt of gratitude goes to Almighty God and His loving hand upon us.

So, we take issue with you, Mr Rozak, for allowing a single quote (albeit, from a respected professional) to represent the sentiment of the entire community. As a member of the faith community in South Lake Tahoe, we must speak up and humbly disagree. It was, indeed, a miracle.

First Baptist Church, South Lake Tahoe


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