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Letter — Beliefs valid from everyone

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I enjoyed reading Kathryn Reed’s article on religious questions on March 24.

I was christened a Presbyterian too and have explored many faiths. I once took a community college class at Lake Tahoe on the Old and New Testament, which I would advise many to take in our society as so many of our values, literature, etc., are based on these books.

I have come to not believe in gods as many religions have developed. The logic does not make sense and I see no cause and effect proving there is a god.

In answer to why there are wars, etc., many Christians tell me that God gave us free will. My answer is that if God is omnipotent and omniscient then he knew ahead of time his deed of giving free will would result in some of the evil doings of man.

People seem to need to explain the world around them and thus fabricate gods. But, no one KNOWS, many only believe and in my mind, your beliefs are as valid as the next person.

Thanks for publishing the article you did. I’m sure you will find the answers interesting.

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My husband and I used to live in South Lake Tahoe for many years. Art was a teacher at South Tahoe High School. We have since retired in Oregon.

Carlene Branchini