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Letter — Bible debate continues

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The letter to the editor April 28 from John E. Taylor says that I bemoaned the fact that Bob sounded like a minister. I don’t think I was wailing about a loss, having grief, etc. I guess I don’t have the same meaning for bewail as you do. Sorry. Yes, John, the word “sell” is widely used to mean convince or persuade; however, you did understand what was meant, I guess.

Apparently, you have also been thoroughly brainwashed as to the authenticity of the Bible. It’s a history book, isn’t it?

Since when is an ordinary person barred from questioning Bible teachings, or from disagreeing with a Nobel prize- winning Harvard professor of biology? You seem to be overwhelmed by such titles. Do you suppose his statement about his subject was influenced more by his religious beliefs than by his academic qualifications? I have heard of such people being described as educated damn fools. If Dr. Wald has proof that spontaneous generation arising to evolution is not possible, he should share it with us. There are reasonable arguments that would seem to disprove the supernatural, creative-act-of-God theory. Considering AIDS and SARS, were these diseases caused by a supernatural, creative act of God? If so, God must be responsible for all the plagues and other disasters that have occurred on this earth. No one prays for these problems. We only pray for protection from them. By the way, Bob said that Louis Pasteur proved that spontaneous generation leading to evolution could not have happened — not Dr. Wald.

You state as a person and a believer, Bob has the right to attempt to convince anyone of his views. Are you therefore saying that I do not, unless I am a professor of biology who has won a Nobel prize?

Ray H. Cooper

South Lake Tahoe