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Letter — Big Brother by appointment


In response to the latest letter from Tahoe’s voice of the evangelical, conservative extremists, June Hoffman , I would question her tenuous grasp on reality when she makes statements demonizing President Clinton and absurdly denying republican subservience to corporate entities. The truth as Ms. Hoffman pronounces it from on high is in complete opposition to the facts.

The historic date, Jan. 20, 2001, will be forever remembered as the official beginning of Big Business’s and Big Brother’s appointment to the White House of the United States. The actions of this administration following this fateful day have been an economic, environmental and social nightmare for the citizens of our country, and because of our military capabilities, for the entire planet. Every maneuver made by these conservative corporate shills has been quid pro quo payoffs to the religious right and industries that bought and paid for the ability to establish the obsequious, Bible thumping “moron majority” that has been allowed to make policy that threatens our way of life as Americans.

The real/here/now truth of Bush II is his inseparable ties to republican promotion of warmongering, gross over consumption and greed as virtues that should be emulated by the populace. His attempts at the suspension of civil liberties because of terrorist threats will become as permanent as any law enacted during his reign because there will not be a moment of time while he is in power that we are not at war with some group of people. War is useful in obfuscating his heinous intentions and is good for the business of his family, friends and contributors. Anyone who doesn’t devoutly subscribe to the beliefs of his particular book of fairy tales is suspect and in danger of the intrusive power of the Justice Department led by the jack-booted religious whacko, John Ashcroft, wholeheartedly supported by the conservative leadership.

The only alternative to the intransigent positions and outright nonsense espoused by the letter writer and her party is to once again vote with the majority of Americans with real, non-Orwellian/newspeak consciences in denouncing the views of the current interlopers who are masquerading as the voice of the people. The mid-term elections are essential to slowing the devastation caused by the infestation of government by these miscreants.

I urge all aware voters to use the power of the ballot box to oppose those who wish to circumvent the constitution, limit civil liberties, merge religion and government and promote policies which make profit for the wealthy their major priorities.

Kevin C. Moore,

South Lake Tahoe

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