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Letter- Boxer is right on with her bill


I was a little dismayed by your article from Aug. 6, “Boxer wants to limit use of wilderness.” The article paints the issue as one of mountain bikers vs. environmentalists, and this is just not the case.

This is about protecting the land and the water quality of Lake Tahoe. It is about providing a huge boost to our tourism dependent economy. It is about ensuring our children and grandchildren have places to go to and experience the wild, to experience nature the way it was before we developed so much of it.

Sen. Boxer’s wilderness bill is about protecting some of the last remaining wild places in the state — and one gem in particular here in the Tahoe basin, Meiss Meadows — so plants and animals have some place to go. This bill is about balance. The vast majority of our state has been developed, and only 23,000 acres are protected as wilderness within the entire Tahoe basin. Not much land within the basin even qualifies to be wilderness any more. Meiss and Freel are all that is left. Now we have the opportunity to protect one of them. Let’s get behind this plan and do it!

Carla Ennis

South Lake Tahoe

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