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Letter — Bush battles lake clarity


There appeared in the Sacramento Bee on Feb. 6 an excellent article by Paul Koretz and Joan Hartmann. Their final paragraph expresses my concerns perfectly and I quote it here.

“Polls have consistently shown that Americans overwhelmingly support the Clean Water Act. But while attention is riveted on the prospect of war with Iraq, the administration is waging guerrilla operations against the environment by systematically dismantling the critical provisions of the nation’s decades-old, bipartisan environmental policy. This war is well under way and there will be many casualties. Is anyone paying attention?”

For emphasis let me repeat: IS ANYONE PAYING ATTENTION? Following the progress of this “war” has been interesting — now it becomes critical because with Bush in charge even Tahoe will not be exempt. Keeping Tahoe blue just got a lot more difficult.

If you are concerned about the possible commercial pollution of the nation’s “isolated wetlands” and “non-navigable waterways” you should express your concerns to your senator sooner rather than later. In California that would be: Dianne Feinstein at (202) 224-3841 and Barbara Boxer at (202) 224-3553.

On a totally different subject I have noted a two-year barrage of Bush-Republican propaganda exhorted by the press. I keep wondering where the Democrats are? Are they truly silent or is the media playing favorites?

Jim Hildinger

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