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Letter — Bush elected to lead, protect

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Kathryn Reed, you stated you believe religion is the root of dissension in the world. You’re right. To proactively have to work for your salvation, is a manmade act that can only lead to dissension, and not of God.

You mention that in your line of work, you deal with facts. GOOD — then with an open mind look closely at the list of books you’ve named as religious writings. If you are honest with your findings, I think you’ll come to the same conclusion that many others have found. The Bible is a reliable, historical doctrine. The Bible time and time again has been proven to be true.

You mention your religion by name (evolution), but are not critical of its inability to answer the world’s problems. If we are evolving, according to evolution we should be getting better in time. Then why is the world falling apart?

Evolution could be used to explain war, it could just be survival of the fittest, only natural that we kill off the weaker ones. But what about love? Evolution can’t deal with love.

You say, “Creationism is too much of a fairy tale.” This is the same tone used by science teachers to close the minds of their students toward the possibility of God. To challenge you, is to say I believe in a fairy tale. Take another look at the evidence. Many evolutionary scientist have converted over to the creation model to explain our origins.

You reprinted a quote from Methodist Bishop Melvin G. Talbert to condemn President Bush’s decision to go to war. We didn’t elect him to push his church teachings on us. We elected him to lead and protect us.

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You ask, “In light of all religions being good and positive how can there be so much hatred and war.” This is the root of your inability to discern what is going on. In our politically correct society, we are to accept all religions as true and equal. All religions cannot be true, good and equal. I’m concerned that deep down inside you don’t want to know the truth.

Like the golden rule, we fail. We fail because higher standards like the Ten Commandments, the Lords Prayer, and the golden rule, have been handed down to us by a higher being (God). We fall short of the glory of God,

The pain and suffering we see all around us is not God’s lack of concern for us, its the consequences we have reaped upon ourselves by not obeying his standards.

Bob Daly