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Letter Bush has had disastrous presidency


In my humble opinion, George W. Bush, selected to be our president by the Supreme Court, has been and continues to be an unmitigated disaster as the leader of our nation. I can’t think of a single significant aspect of our national life that is better for his having occupied the office of president. His unilateral approach to world affairs has alienated us from the international community.

He has demonstrated that he cares not a whit for the millions of demonstrators who oppose his drive to war. It seems to me that a leader as intent on war as Bush is would, after making his case for war, make certain that he had the overwhelming support of his own nation. Bush has done neither. Instead, he has a nation which is uneasy, uncertain, and confused.

Our economy is in serious disarray, millions of our citizens have no medical insurance, millions more are underinsured, children and adults are, in large numbers, going hungry, without adequate housing. His attacks on the environment are unparalleled. The list goes on.

Some reasonable questions for Bush & company: What does his administration, our country, get from a war with Iraq? If Saddam has biological and chemical weapons, is he willing to risk thousands of lives in an invasion to prove it? Doesn’t he think it is possible, even probable that the Iraqis will use such weapons in defense of their country? Is he hoping they do? Is that why the nuclear option is not only on the table but in the news? What’s the connection between this impending war and Bush’s plans for re-election? What is going on here?

Clarence Dilts