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Letter — Bush needs some religion


Regarding June Hoffman’s Sept. 12 letter: She concedes that she has a mind-set and that if one disagrees with her, one isn’t a true American. I surmise from her comments that such a mind set is an inflexible fixation.

About the president: Put in Christian terms, George W. Bush has sinned against the Holy Ghost because he has lied to the nation and used the lie to take the nation to war. The war has caused great destruction and the death of hundreds of people. The lie has led to evil, the loss of innocent beings. The lie reveals a state of heart beyond the divine influence. In Christian terms the consequence of his sin against the Holy Ghost may be eternal damnation. So Mr. Bush needs to repent, confess to the world that he has sinned against the Holy Ghost and the gifts of the Holy Ghost. Perhaps Ms. Hoffman can help Mr. Bush in his hour of need. I think he needs such help for his own salvation to avoid hell’s fire. Above the gates of hell it is written “All who enter leave hope behind.” It would be good, whether figuratively or literally, if all of us during his crisis of the spirit keep those words in mind.

Bill Crawford

South Lake Tahoe

South Lake Tahoe

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