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Letter — Candidate lists some ideas


Your taxes, $40 Billion annually, protect Middle East Oil; hold this thought.

It is a marvel to me how politicians can justify taxes in one arena, but adamantly oppose them in another. Raising the TOT taxes of the people that come here and spend the most, the overnighters. For many years, I have been advocating filling rooms, by upgrading transport, not taxes.

Incremental improvements in transportation infrastructure can be likened to likewise application of antibiotics, it wears out faster than it cures, doing more harm than good. Stating the problem: Inadequate cash flow derived from an inadequate number of visitors, decreasing tourist market share, and insufficient private capital willing to invest at South Lake Tahoe. There are problems with forest health and wildfire fears, lack of affordable housing, declining revenue for the city budget.

Surely that last, “declining revenue,” can be seen as the problem that must be solved! If my candidacy accomplishes one thing, I hope it helps the other contenders to put their heads on straight about what must be done to solve problems hereabouts. People, not cars, pay our bills up here.

People arrive by car more than any other means, but the great welcoming view at Echo Summit is marred by the rock roulette game travelers play as they traverse the “bluffs.” Shame on you, CalTrans. Question: is the USA too poor to afford a Meyers-Twin Bridges tunnel for an important transcontinental highway that runs by the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C.? This was a gift question, the next ones require a bit more effort.

Candidates want to “look at the airport?” Let’s grow up, are we in the tourism business, or what? Stop blowing smoke, and get a copy of the Airport Strategic Action Plan from the Airport Office. If you fret over airport subsidy, consider fire insurance rates after a wildfire gets away here, because we don’t have tanker support. Ask the manager the multiplier effects of commercial air passengers, and why subsidizing an airline gets a better return than advertising dollars spent. Answer: the airline does the advertising, and transports the visitors, too!

Tahoe has the peculiar distinction of having inadequate waterborne transport, grossly so in regards to the positive impacts good water transit would have here, both to relieve congestion, and keep visitors here an extra night. Already wrapped up in a nice study, the county library has a copy.

Railway at the north shore, Truckee to Tahoe City can restore rail service to Lake Tahoe, as was the case from 1900 to WWII. This time electric instead of steam, powered by the wind and solar energy instead of oil. The City Council, duly constituted and oriented to the realities of our time, will meet and confer with TRPA and CalTrans, Federal USDOT, Energy, and Legislators, and get the wheels rolling, literally, on an electric railway along the U.S. 50 corridor serving South Lake Tahoe. Let’s aim for the 2012 Olympics as a target date for rail service from the Bay Area/Sacramento.

Come on, let’s work together to make the title “CITY OF SOUTH LAKE TAHOE” synonymous with the nation’s first, and best example of, a Renewables Powered Transportation System, exemplar of a National Policy of ENERGY INDEPENDENCE! The U.S., as well as the rest of the World will take notice. Thereby, money for recreation, bike trails, the details and amenities of a proud City will be at hand, from income, not taxes. Sidewalks, and the money to maintain them properly.

Candidates: Will filling an additional million rooms at Lake Tahoe annually, solve cash problems without raising TOT? No help on this one, they each have to answer!

Gunnar Henrioulle

South Lake Tahoe

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