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Letter: Casino and theater should not mix

To the editor:

I am writing with a plea to the community to do something about the placement of the Wallace Theaters in Horizon casino.

Last night I saw the film “15 Minutes,” not having read the reviews, but knew that it was rated “R.” Because I expected with such a rating to see some violence, gore, sex and nudity, I was still not prepared for the extent of it, nor did I expect to see at least one-third of the audience under 18 years of age!

At first I was surprised, then I realized that once the ticket is torn and collected, the kids are free to go into any film room they choose. There are no adults or police to see that the rating is enforced. And I’m sure a lot of the parents aren’t aware of what their kids are watching once they are dropped off at the casino, which they have no business entering without supervision.

The last time I went to see a film, I had taken my 5-year-old grandson to see a Disney film, and I stopped to talk to a Horizon manager about having to drag little kids through the casino to get to the movie. He said Tahoe Regional Planning Agency won’t let them build an outside entrance. Then I heard from other parents that TRPA said that is not so, that the casino had to meet some building spec requirements.

At this point I don’t care who is responsible; the community can and must push this issue until it is resolved, in favor of protecting minors. I can now see why our kids are numb to violent action and language, and can become violent to other kids and to their community.

What are we thinking? Where is our common sense? Who is standing up for the innocence of childhood? We all are responsible for the culture we offer our children. Is this the best we can do? I hope other adults and civic groups will take a stand on this issue.

Sue Pritchett

South Lake Tahoe

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