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Letter: Cast your ballot against hateful rhetoric and bigotry (opinion)

We spend our fall weekends in Tahoe enjoying the outdoors. We sit by the river, ride bikes through the mountains, and enjoy the fall colors. But let’s not ignore what is happening throughout the country.

Last weekend, our national news was headlined by hate crimes. A gunman shot and killed 11 Jews in a synagogue in Pittsburgh, mail bombs were sent to people who criticized the president, and a gunman shot and killed two African Americans.

These anti-semitic, racist and bigoted incidents highlight the increased violence against minorities that has been increasing since November 2016.

You may ask yourself, “well, what can be done from Tahoe?”

The answer is, “VOTE on Nov. 6!”

Vote for new leaders who will promote change through peaceful measures. Vote for propositions that you have researched and support. Vote for your values.

Make your voice heard that you will not tolerate hateful rhetoric in politics, in the workplace, in your home, and in the broader community.

Only then, can we truly enjoy our quiet, fall weekends in Tahoe.

Rachel and Evon Yakar

South Lake Tahoe, California

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