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Letter: Cell service stinks in Kings Beach (opinion)

I know that it isn’t just me and the black-hole for cellular phone and data signals that I call home suffering from a poor signal, or a complete lack of one.

What’s going on with cell service in North Tahoe? Why are we still tied to the utility trailer with the antennas behind the firehouse for our service in KB and beyond?

It’s not a matter of being inconvenienced. I moved to cell-only years ago. This is the first time the signal has been so inconsistent since I gave up my landline a few years ago.

I know that it isn’t a bandwidth issue when the signal goes to zero. I’m missing important calls and especially texts when the signal is gone, and God forbid I have to call anyone as getting a signal out is just as inconsistent.

Is there a governing body that oversees this kind of thing? FCC? Who do I talk to find out why our service has gotten so bad?

I know that I am not alone in this complaint. What can be done about it?

Bruce Hara

Kings Beach, California