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Letter — City should take stance

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In case you missed it, the South Lake Tahoe City Council recently refused to place an anti-war proposal on their agenda. The purpose of the proposal was to ask South Lake Tahoe to consider joining the growing number of American communities (133 at last count) and two states, that have exercised their democratic right to express a local opinion opposing pre-emptive war. Their excuse: “They didn’t believe it was the city’s place to dictate the nation’s policy,” and according to Councilman Tom Davis, “I don’t think I have a reading on what the community wants.” I hate to be the one to tell them this, but they could never dictate the nation’s policy. They could, however, allow democracy to be exercised at a local level.

What could be more of a local issue than war?

n The young men and women serving in a potential war, and a long term dangerous and expensive occupation will come from here, and other LOCAL communities.

n The reservists (including police and fire department members) called to participate will reduce our LOCAL community’s ability to respond.

n Federal funds allocated to this unnecessary war and occupation will come at the expense of extremely necessary state and LOCAL funding.

n The collapsing American economy (over a 33 percent decline in the stock market in the two years of this administration), and now teetering on the brink of recession is a LOCAL issue.

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n Rising oil prices would seriously affect travel and tourism. That is a LOCAL issue.

n The threat of retaliatory terrorist actions against the American public would also likely keep travel and tourism to a minimum. That is a LOCAL issue.

n Oh, and by the way, exercising democracy at a local level. That is a LOCAL issue.

This is a time for all Americans to get involved; to get informed and to voice their concerns. Debate, discourse and questioning are not unpatriotic. They are, in fact, among the most patriotic actions Americans can take.

Steve Szekely

South Lake Tahoe