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Letter — City unfair to rentals

The city of South Lake Tahoe is being very unfair to vacation homeowners.

Why must all vacation homeowners suffer for a few greedy people who abuse their positions? The city would not have much going for it if it wasn’t for the revenue generated by vacation homes. Many of the small businesses which exist in SLT would not survive without vacation homes. We pride ourselves on setting high standards of what we expect from our renters and constantly making improvements to our home. Renters are told in advance to be considerate of people living in the neighborhood and not to make noise. We tell them how many vehicles they are allowed to park on the property. We take a deposit, which they will forfeit if they do not follow the rules which we set out for them. We pay our taxes. Our cleaning staff checks on the property when it is rented and lets us know if there is a potential problem. I have seen some people advertising their homes which have four bedrooms for 18 people. Those are the people you should do something about. Our vacation home is an investment. Why would we want to let other people abuse it and destroy it? Are you trying to bring the property values down? That is what will happen if this ordinance passes as it is written.

There is a leash law, but I don’t see you enforcing it. There are several BIG dogs on my street which are owned by people who LIVE in SLT. They are allowed to run free and defecate on my property. The owners do not clean up after them. We and our guests have to avoid stepping on it. Why don’t you do something about that? Some of the people that live in the area have diesel trucks, which are very loud. They start them early in the morning and let them idle for a long time. Do you do anything about the noise that they make?

If people are renting a place, and they cause problems, they should be held responsible, not the homeowner. When I rent my property, I make sure that I have all of the information necessary to be able to find the people.

Cathy Nabkel

South Lake Tahoe

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