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Letter: Clinton lies pale in comparison to Nixon

To the editor:

So, Mr. Paul Woods will never get over the corruptions and depravities of the Clinton Era. Well, I have never gotten over Nixon’s Watergate, whose corruptions and violations of the Constitution, lying and deceit, make anything President Clinton has done pale by comparison. Yet Nixon spared himself impeachment when his traitorous acts would have had him hung if justice prevailed. Then was pardoned by the simpering Ford, to live out his days with all the privileges of an unblemished ex-president. He received three pensions, president, Senate and representative, plus rental of offices in New York and security coverage for himself and all members of his extended family until the day he died. Quit your bitching; you Republicans have made out like burglars. Look at the recent election where the Supreme Court stole the entire thing, because Rehnquist and O’Conner want to retire and made sure a Republican would pick their successors. Don’t bother telling me the recent recount in Florida showed Bush would have won. The counties that had a predominant Democratic constituency were not recounted and in many cases Gore supporters were prevented voting by state police harassment and devious other practices of not recognizing the voters’ legal right to vote. We deplore the fact that in other countries every vote does not count and even send watchers to attempt honest elections, but not in Florida and not with Bush as governor. Civil rights are a joke.

But what do you expect from a Bush whose Iran-Contra activities were concealed and lied about and then when Casper Weinberger was under indictment for what he knew about this affair (conduct much more traitorous than anything Marc Rich has done) Bush pardoned him so fast it made your head spin. Wake up and smell the coffee. President Clinton deserves praise for his eight years of peace and prosperity and his sex life is no one’s business. It was obvious senators and representatives, etc. indulge in a lot of hanky panky, and it didn’t affect him doing his rightful job as president. In spite of the efforts of the Republican Party in their sick hatred of him, spent $70 million on the Starr assassination to bring him down. You make the Salem Witch Hunts look tame and your nosiness into personal lives is on the same level. Your kind never change your narrow-mindedness. But the electorate sure will change things now that they realize what immorality and underhandedness they are up against; less than four years to wait and we will be ready.

Maryan Wokas

Zephyr Cove

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