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Letter: Commercial enterprises don’t belong in South Lake Tahoe neighborhoods

I am writing in regards to the El Dorado supervisors’ recent decision to oppose a moratorium on VHRs within the county.

I grew up in South Lake Tahoe (1960-73). Because tourists stayed in motels then, no “bear problem” existed. Garbage was picked up regularly from motels and hotels instead of being improperly contained by the majority of VHR renters. The region has thus become a magnet for the ever-growing population of bears!

The vanishing motel/hotel trade has been replaced by VHRs purchased by NON-resident owners who can’t really afford to buy the coveted “second-home at Tahoe.” Instead they have to rent it out to make the mortgage. They do not have a vested interest in long-term consequences caused by their renters.

The noise and disruption of many VHR renters effectively hijacks local neighborhoods! My brother (a resident of SLT for 57 years) now has two vacation rentals immediately adjacent his house. Both are constant sources of frustration . . . too many cars, too many people and too much noise late at night!

Yes, Tahoe depends on tourist dollars, but commercial enterprises located in residential neighborhoods only diminish the quality of life of local residents and lines the pockets of NON-resident VHR owners and their agents! Creative, and even perhaps, traditional methods of tourist lodging, need to be developed. A resident population is the most stabilizing base for any community. Happy local residents make it even more so!

Lynn Schuff

Rancho Cordova, California