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Letter — Congratulations on transit system approval


Nothing is simple in Tahoe, we all know that. Enhancing the human experience here often involves conflicting interests. There is no better example of those interests conflicting than when trying to solve the significant transportation problems in the Tahoe Basin. It’s no secret that traffic degrades the local and visitor experience as well as adversely affecting the environment and our economy. Building new roads is not the solution, as they would encourage more traffic and further degrade the environment with increased coverage in sensitive areas, as well as cost more than we can afford. Dedicated HOV lanes or fixed rail are not viable for many of the same reasons and others.

An innovative plan to address some of our transportation problems was conceived as a component of redevelopment a decade ago. No place else in the world has a system quite like it in operation. I lost track of the number of years I served as the chair of the Tahoe Transportation District, but for all of those years, and the years since, I know that a lot of people worked extremely hard gettiing through the complexities to make that plan viable. I was elated to read last week in the Tahoe Daily Tribune that a contract was about to be executed that will bring a system closer to reality. A more convenient transit system will benefit us all as use increases over time.

I was, however, terribly discouraged by Mayor Brooke Laine’s remarks in that article. How deflating for those who worked so hard for so long to have the mayor say it’s about time, it took too long and cost too much.

This is a complex solution that was made necessary by a very complex problem and I would like to say to all involved, thank you for your hard work, your tenacity and, finally, WELL DONE AND CONGRATULATIONS! We all look forward to the benefits your work will bring to visitors, residents and the environment over time.

Kevin Cole

South Lake Tahoe

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