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Letter: Conner has no choice but to sue the city

In response to Mr. Ribaudo’s opinion piece stating JoAnn Conner should not sue the city; at this point I don’t see that she has much of a choice. To date there has been no proof presented of her so-called transgressions, no evidence, not even an investigation. Just unsubstantiated rumors, accusations and gossip and a couple of hit pieces in a notoriously unscrupulous online “news” site. Nothing, I repeat, nothing has been proven.

Add to that some egregious breaking of the law regarding the Brown Act by the city and we have even more reason for Ms. Conner to stand strong. Assuming that the city has been proper and correct in its dealings with Ms. Conner is a huge mistake for any aspiring journalist to make. The least he could have done was to read and understand the petition Conner has filed. So he would know what he was talking about.

But this whole debacle around Conner has only been supported by unfounded rumors and gossip. Facts don’t seem to matter. That is not the government we need and deserve.

So Mr. Ribaudo, if it were you being accused of something without ay proof, or even the semblance of an investigation, would you just “put this issue behind you as soon as possible”? Would you “admit your mistake” even if there was not a mistake to admit? Would you apologize for something you didn’t do? And if this ends up “costing the taxpayers money … damaging the image of the city …” than you can put that directly at the door of city management, for engaging in an illegal and mean-hearted vendetta. I suggest Mr. Ribaudo do a little more research before he publishes his uneducated opinion.

Mary E. Oney

South Lake Tahoe, Calif.

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