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Letter — Corporate way of doing things


“Casino earnings down last year” statedE the article on Page A6Eon Feb. 10.EOh, theseEpoor companies are suffering so with this slow economy that I guess they’re justified in cutting jobs and pleading for tax cuts, right? But look closely at the details of the story. Expenses actuallyEDECREASED in payroll and “comps” to players.EBut executives’ pay INCREASED 25 percent. All thisEwhile these same executives blameEIndian casinos, high taxes and a bad economy.

So when you consider that casino comps aren’t what they used to beEand most casino workers makeElittle more than minimum wage,Ewe now know the real reasons why. EAnd by the way, why are these executives’ salaries goingEUP when profits are going DOWN? If I don’t perform well in my job, I receive no raise at all.

But, this is today’s corporate America. Businesses are not the patriotic, tax- paying job generators that their public relations departments make them out to be.EManagement strategy today involves fewer jobs and benefits for workers, less service and attention to the customer, less profit toEthe shareholder, while the “higher-ups” pad their own pockets.

And remember, these are the guys that will benefit mostEunder Bush’s tax reduction proposal.

Rick Soule

South Lake Tahoe