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Letter — Council should listen better to residents

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The argument that we should have a citywide referendum before the City Council can take a stand for peace actually ignores our political process. The council was elected to represent us, so that we don’t all have to vote on everything. We won’t get to vote on going to war, either. I was disappointed that the council wouldn’t even put the petition on their agenda. I expect our leaders to have vision and LEAD us.

The whine that over 800 signatures doesn’t represent our community ignores the fact that only 30 percent of voters even bother turning out on election day, so two-thirds of our community is never heard from and a “majority vote” only represents 16 percent of the voters. Since 842 people actually heard about this petition and went out of their way to sign it (believe me, I had to work hard to find it), imagine how many people would actually vote for it if it were set in front of them.

These comparisons of Saddam Hussein to Hitler are completely unfounded. When Iraq invaded Kuwait, countries joined together and kicked it out. What has Iraq done since then? Nothing. That was George the First’s war, which we apparently don’t know how to finish. We just keep dropping bombs. George the Second won’t be happy with anything except regime change, regardless of the U.N. findings.

I am so grateful to have Molly Ivins’ column in this newspaper. She’s a voice of reason in this crazy world. Let’s skip the bloodshed and destruction and cut to the peace talks and Marshall Plan.

Suzanne Soule

South Lake Tahoe

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