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Letter — Criticism from off the hill


In a recent article in the Sacramento Bee, Mr. Morris of Lake Tahoe Accommodations labeled concerned homeowners “Neighborhood Nazis.” Well, as Mr. Morris and his company fill our neighborhoods with rowdies, he is scurrying off to his quiet subdivision in Gardnerville. If he had enjoyed being near these frat houses, he no doubt would have continued to live in his South Lake Tahoe home rather than turning it into a vacation rental.

At a time when the middle class of our community can’t afford to live here, we certainly don’t need to have even more citizens leaving the hill because they can no longer enjoy the use of their properties in peace and quiet. The Vacation Rental Ordinance, in order to work, will need the cooperation of property managers and owners – this is where he should use his energy rather than name-calling. The staff working for his company have to live in this community, and I’m certain Mr. Morris’ off-the-wall comments aren’t making their life any easier. This reminds me of the saying, “take the money and run.”

G. Genfro

South Lake Tahoe