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Letter: Cruelty breeds cruelty

To the editor:

Like many others across the nation, my reaction was one of great sadness upon hearing about another school shooting that left two high school students dead. I sit and scratch my head trying to figure out what’s going on in this country, and what compels our children to shoot each other. Then I read the morning paper to find that he “was picked on all the time … because he was one of the scrawniest guys,” and that “people called him freak, dork, nerd.” Somebody also stole two of his skateboards.

Well, no wonder. This kid was surrounded by cruelty. His fellow students’ sole mission in life was to remind him every day that he didn’t fit in, and that its not OK to be skinny. So maybe they only have themselves to blame. Maybe if they had been kind to him this wouldn’t have happened.

Please don’t misunderstand my point here. I am, by no means, excusing his actions. I am merely suggesting that perhaps it’s time for students to look in the mirror and question their own behavior and responsibility in this horrifying trend instead of pointing the finger at parents, school officials and gun control laws. How about showing some empathy and compassion for your fellow students. This could go a long way. Haven’t you ever heard of that old adage, “live and let live?” I say, quit picking on each other.

Susan Codeglia

Zephyr Cove

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