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Letter — Danger on Al Tahoe


After turning onto Al Tahoe Boulevard from Lake Tahoe Boulevard and passing the main Post Office, the speed limit increases from 25 to 35 mph in the middle of a BLIND curve. Just past this, lurks a dangerous calamity waiting to happen, the potholed and deteriorating driveway to the postal employee parking lot/ loading dock. To enter safely without rattling a vehicle into a bucket of bolts, one must slow to almost a dead stop. Unsuspecting drivers increasing their speed around the BLIND curve are completely surprised as they suddenly come upon an almost stationary vehicle trying to enter smoothly. They must slam on their brakes to avoid rear-ending the hapless postal worker.

For several years, employees urged management to fix this grossly unsafe hazard to life, limb, and property, ours and the public’s. Although local management requested repair in July 2001, Reno/Las Vegas postal authorities continue bureaucratic debate on funding this approved project. So, ANOTHER Tahoe building season closes (15 Oct.), with nothing being done until spring 2004 leaving us all at risk. When suggested that the speed be lowered to 25 mph and a warning sign (TRUCK CROSSING AHEAD) installed, it is said that such changes are a city matter. The mayor and City Council must be interested in such public safety matters! They seem “Johnny-on-the-spot” in evaluating the intersection of 15th St. and Eloise where a teen recently died. Besides filling the potholes, entire redesign reducing the BLIND curve so drivers can better see approaching traffic and hazards ahead is needed. So far, such suggestions have been ignored and employees told not to file any further safety complaints, as it will do no good.

The Postal Service prides itself on creating safe working conditions. Eliminating preventable accidents is the goal. When the accident at this driveway does occur, it will have been totally preventable if the Postal Service had kept its word spending the money (no matter how funded) to fix and redesign it. City officials must join this effort too. Is it necessary to select a sacrificial lamb to get action?

If you value safety for all, contact postal authorities and city officials demanding immediate correction of this potential tragedy. The life you save may be yours, mine, or another letter carrier’s.

Richard F. Svanoe Jr.

South Lake Tahoe

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