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Letter — Dave Hamilton always will be the man


Editor’s note: The authors wanted this published as an open letter to David Hamilton, the son of Lake Tahoe cross country skiing pioneer Dave Hamilton, who died April 24.

My wife and I are saddened with the news of Dave Hamilton’s death. We send our deepest feelings and memories. Back in the mid-70s I went on a “practice” search and rescue training with your dad from Echo Summit to the Meiss cabin, then out to Big Meadow. After the first hour from Echo, I broke one of my skis at the binding. I kept going with the encouragement from Mr. Hamilton. It was all day to get to the cabin! Then we had a bite to eat and slept on the “second floor” of the cabin. Next day we “skied” out to Luther Pass (I was hobbling all the way). Your dad complimented me on my “hobbling” all the way on the trip.

We both remember quite vividly going out to Sugar House West and buying our first Svea stove from your mom in 1975. And all the cross country skis and waxes, etc. and etc. When it cam to Tahoe and cross country skiing, Mr. Dave Hamilton was the man, and he always will be.

His promotion and education of the cross country skiing to the Tahoe public made many people aware of an alternative way to ski. My wife’s family followed suit with happy results for the past 30-plus years.

Again, thanks for the memories and a heck of a lot of cross country skiing.

Russ and Cindy Thaw

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