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Letter: David vs. Goliath: Follow the ‘Measure T’ money (opinion)

When “Goliath” (No on T) characterized themselves as a “grassroots” organization, their high powered/paid strategists failed to realize that “David” (Yes on T), the real grassroots group of residents and supporters in South Lake Tahoe, saw right through their desperate attempt to fool and scare the local voters.

The No on T campaign has “framed” their message to suggest that their fundraising and campaigning is locally based and funded, and all about “local jobs.” The facts below are different, however! It’s all about the money.

“Big money investors” have invaded our neighborhoods, and our local election. The evidence is clear: Follow the Measure T Money!

Over 1/3 million dollars ($365,469) has been raised against our South Lake Tahoe community and Measure T as of Oct. 22. Don’t be fooled: “No on T” Campaign Contributors include:

$150,000 — “National Association of Realtors” Chicago headquarters

$30,100 — “California Association of Realtors” Los Angeles

$50,000 — “Expedia” Bellevue, Washington — Global Online Booking Company

$49,900 — “South Tahoe Rentals” and Mark Trivett

$5,000 — “Tahoe Keys Resort”

Don’t be Fooled: Who was Paid by and/or Profited from No on T:

$121,681 — “The Operations Group” Washington D.C. campaign consultants

$56,846.46 — “The Strategy Group” (bills pending = $6,574.79), Chicago campaign consultants

$53,500 — “David Binder Research” San Francisco, poling and survey research

$40,050.86 — “Reed and Davidson LLP” Los Angeles, legal and accounting, professional services

$25,216.81 — “FSB Core Strategies” Sacramento, CA, public relations, campaign consultants

$21,936 — “Access Marketing Services” Wilmington, Delaware, web services

$17,000 — “Gregory L. Foster” Lake Forest, California, petition circulating

$17,094.86 — “Cornerstone Printing” Belvedere Tiburon, California

$7,200 — “Fortified Design” Dana Point, California, campaign literature and mailings

$4,589.20 — “Anedot ” Baton Rouge, Louisiana, office expenses (collects donations and payments for political fundraising)

$1,172.35 — “Airbnb” San Francisco, international online company (paid employees salaries and expenses)

Rest assured that more “outside money” will be used against Measure T. No on T (Goliath) is about “money.” Yes on T (David) is about “community.”

“Yes on T” will protect local zoning rights, keep families and local workers, not strangers, in our neighborhoods, and will maintain the viability and sustainability of our “community.”

South Lake Tahoe belongs to the people who live here! Stand up and don’t let outside interests and political consultants “buy” this election.

Make your vote count more than outside money! Vote “Yes on Measure T.”

Dianne Rees

South Lake Tahoe, California

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