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Letter — Davis figures we’re stupid

Tahoe Daily Tribune

Why is it whenever a governing body of our leaders want to pass a new tax they will threaten the taxpayer? It happened in South Lake Tahoe this last election with Proposition Z. Do you remember?

The City Council and the backers of Proposition Z stated that if “Z” did not pass police and firemen would be laid off. The same threat was stated in Napa county last year.

Now the governor of California is making the same threat in twisting the arms of the Legislature to pass the tripling of your car registration. The governor and his backers state that if they can not get this to pass that police and firemen would be laid off. Do they all think that the voters are stupid?

It is a shame whenever anyone is laid off because of a lack of revenue, but there are priorities that these leaders should follow. The police and firemen should be the last to go. You would hope that those in charge would be more honest with their constituents.

Leo Bloom