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Letter — Davis gets deserved lumps

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I always enjoy the letters from Ron Lowe. He’s very predictable. If he isn’t bashing the president, he’s trying hard to find something good to say about our illustrious and very liberal California governor.

Of course, it’s getting hard to do the latter these days. A poll released last week by the Los Angeles Times, definitely not a conservative newspaper, reported that Davis received an approval rating of a meager 27 percent. In contrast, 64 percent of those polled disapproved of the job he is doing on behalf of our state. While it’s to be expected that many Republicans would give Davis poor marks, the number for Democrats was even more revealing: 54 percent disapproved.

Our well-educated governor, sad to say a graduate of my alma mater, has few real friends these days. Totally lacking in personality and charisma, his future plans to run for president are in disarray due to the current state budget disaster, one which we’re all going to pay for big-time. But despite all of his troubles, there remain two areas in which Gov. Davis excels:

he is always able to find others to blame when things go wrong, and he is unequaled in his ability to raise money for his campaign coffers.

Perhaps if he had spent less time schmoozing lobbyists and industrialists for money during his last campaign, during which he barely defeated a bumbling opponent, he might have done a better job doing what he was elected to do: effectively and efficiently manage his state.

Bob Barneson

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