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Letter — Dembroff for council

Tahoe Daily Tribune

I am writing in response to the letter from Jerry Oldenkamp, which was printed in recently in the Tahoe Daily Tribune. I am one of the peace petition signers that he accuses of having, “way too much time on their hands.” I wish to assure Mr. Oldenkamp that I, in fact, have a very active life as do my fellow petition signers. It is my hope that all of our lives continue for a very long time, which is one reason that I am willing to devote time to the pursuit of world peace. The very threat of war jeopardizes all of our lives. My efforts at generating peace certainly does not interfere with finding a “reasonable solution” to the other important issues the writer identifies, such as the budget, affordable housing, and the clarity of our lake. I will gladly donate my valuable time to help Mr. Oldenkamp in his efforts to address these issues.E

As to his position that our City Council is to be “applauded” for avoiding the war issue, I must respectfully disagree. As a voting citizen of this community, I am highly disappointed that our City Council disregarded the legitimate concerns of a significant number of Lake Tahoe residents by refusing to even give us agenda time. South Lake Tahoe may be a “small town,” but we are still part of this world community. If the issue of taking a stand for peace were to be passed by our City Council, our community would be making a powerful, life-affirming statement; one which is being made by an increasing number of our fellow cities.E

As for Mr. Oldenkamp’s suggestion that Hillary Dembroff run for City Council, I would be the first in line to vote for her. I would do so not because Ms. Dembroff has “excess time” on her hands, but because she is willing to use the precious time she does have to support the safety of us all in the name of peace.

Janice Eastburn

South Lake Tahoe