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Letter — Democracy in South Lake?

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Paul Woods’ concern for democracy is commendable. I share his concern on the subject. Thus, I point out that the citizens of the city have never been given the opportunity to say yes or no on costly operation of the city’s airport which has been in the red for years. And citizens were not given an opportunity to say yes or no on the creation of the City’s redevelopment Agency and the creation of a long term debt of two hundred million dollars by the agency.

Also, citizens had no voice in creating the city’s finance authority, nor did citizen’s have a voice in creating the parking garage authority. Democracy, yes. Let’s try it.

On the petition: There are about 8,000 registered voters in the city. The petition had 842 signatures which is a good showing. A sad fact is that voter turn out here in most elections represents fewer than half of the registered. So would an election on the issue of “Cities for Peace” voice the will of the 23,000 residents in the city? Again, Democracy, yes. Let’s try it.

On Germany and Iraq: There was in the 1930s a failure by Europe to contain Nazi Germany’s desire for hegemony in Europe. today, Iraq, which is land locked, is contained and cannot with the attention it is receiving from the U.S. and the U.N. will itself to hegemony in the region or elsewhere. No doubt, it there is a war the U.S. will win. But will we win the peace?

A final question. Do we want to give up our right to petition our government, local, state, or federal? It is our government, I think.

Bill Crawford

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