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Letter: Do pedestrians have any rights any more? (opinion)

I get it, this is the Trump era, a time of “we’ll see what happens” attitudes. I just want to know, what part of the road is left for pedestrians in this devil-may-care, every man for themselves era?

I was so happy that we city invested thousands of dollars to put in new sidewalks, but evidently they were not put there for people on foot.

You can’t take a walk in Tahoe anymore without nearly getting run down by a motorized Lime scooter or a racing bike racing by at racing speeds. I don’t get it. There’s bike lanes on every road, and they are empty, as all the bikes and scooters are on the sidewalk.

I guess old ladies out for a blood-pressure-reducing, doctor-prescribed walk are supposed to stay in the bike lane now? Until a law abiding bike or scooter rams one of us there.

It’s hard enough crossing the street in a crosswalk with the green “walk sign” telling you it’s OK. It’s been reported right here on these pages that several pedestrians have gotten killed the last few years while crossing in crosswalks in South Lake Tahoe, and it’s easy to see why. While you’re crossing with the light, the people turning left and right also have a green light and so they are literally aiming at you, usually looking the other direction as they head straight for you. Drivers are so busy looking to see if a car is coming from the left that they don’t even consider if there’s a human to the right in the crosswalk.

So I’ve already taken to doing my street crossings in the middle of a block where there is no crosswalk but you are much less likely to get hit by a car.

I guess there really are no laws anymore in the new libertarian era of Donald Trump. If I want marijuana I’m supposed to call one of the numerous illegal dealers in town since the city won’t allow a dispensary to open even after the state voted to make recreational sales of weed legal.

So now I guess I’ll take to walking along the lines in the middle of the road when I’m out for a stroll, as apparently that is the safest place for a human on foot. At least as I’m walking down the divider, the drivers are facing me and will be able to see me before they hit me.

Would someone please do something about how dangerous and frightening it has become to take a walk in South Lake Tahoe, please, before someone gets killed by a goofy scofflaw motor scooter rider or the teams of zooming racing bikes that often fill the sidewalks?

Do humans on foot have any rights anymore?

Kay Ebeling

South Lake Tahoe, California

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